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Learn To Draw on Zoom

Would you like to learn to draw?


Are you a beginner or do you enjoy drawing and want to practise your skills?

Why not join one of my classes on Zoom!


'Learn to Draw' is a 9 week course,  1 1/2 hours a week, evenings or mornings depending on who attends. The classes are informal, and interactive with personal feedback throughout. The price is £100 for the course.

If you have any questions or would like to book a place please contact me.

See below for a selection of students drawings and feedback on their experience...


During the last couple of months of Lockdown I have been attending an online Art class called ‘Learn to Draw’. It has been such a fun, relaxed, friendly course and I feel like my confidence has grown so much in my my drawing ability. It has also been such a wonderfully therapeutic thing to do and has boosted by emotional and mental health during COVID.

The other wonderful thing has been that because it’s on zoom I’ve been able to attend with my mum who lives a zillion miles away in the UK. It is run by a British Artist Tanya Farrugia at 8pm GMT (therefore 12 noon In San Francisco!) but has had participants from all over the place.

Wherever you are I would encourage you to do this wonderful class. Have a bit of ‘me’ time, pick up a skill and make some new friends!

Watch the video below to find out about the new course that is starting soon.


Josie, San Francisco




Thank you @tanyafarrugiaart , your drawing course has been SO life-giving and I look forward to our group’s Wednesday’s zoom so much.


Hannah, San Francisco




Thank you so much for your most enjoyable art class, which has helped me a great deal and enabled me to understand a lot of things which were previously a great mystery to me, particularly the pencil measuring, which I thought people were doing just to show that they were artists! I can thoroughly recommend your class for all abilities.


Jenny, Bournemouth, UK




I've loved this drawing course. I'd lost my confidence with drawing as it's been a long time since I did any drawing. I've enjoyed learning all the different techniques. I want to carry on drawing now and keep practising the styles I've learnt.


Teah, UK




Thank you Tanya for all you taught for the past 9 weeks in your “Learn to Draw” course...I enjoyed all the techniques and insights you showed and taught which I learnt so much from, most of them was new to me...thank you so much....I highly recommend your course to anyone who wants to learn to draw...


Jacqui , UK




I’ve absolutely loved the drawing course. Tanya is so patient and supportive. I feel I’ve learnt so much about how to observe things properly and also techniques for drawing faces, and people, showing tone etc. I really liked the online structure and the friendliness of the group. And the added bonus is how I’ve found that drawing is brilliant for relaxation! A great course, highly recommended.


Kate, UK




I have really enjoyed the Learn to Draw course. It’s been great to get back to drawing really looking at the subject and learning new techniques. Our group have been very friendly and Tanya encouraging helping you to improve everyone cheering you on when it goes well. I would recommend this course to beginners and those with some experience thank you Tanya


Val, UK



Just loved it. On-Line can be helpful, limited in time as well.

Some drawings I wanted to finish after the session but I know myself this is not working for me, always something that needs to be done. So for me consciously planning some time on-line doing a drawing course really works. And the idea that you are possible to do drawing session with people all over the world is really nice.

Just loved the ladies participating.

I liked the fact that there was a different assignment each week. Learning and realising that you can look at things differently using right side and left side of the brain. Making drawings of which you think before starting, "oh boy help"...and doing it anyway.

Tanya I really enjoyed drawing class! Hope to do this again.


Alberta, Belgium




Have loved this weekly zoom Drawing Class.  I had zero experience but have grown in confidence and am getting better.


Every Friday I have struggled with joining because it’s my day off and after a week in 9 GP surgeries, I’m exhausted. But because the group was small, (and because I always do what I commit to) I have joined in... AND been renewed in the process.  It’s been “ just what the doctor ordered”!!!!


Thoroughly recommend. Thanks Tanya, you’re an amazing tutor.


Kim, UK




I joined the course because I have been promising myself that I will spend some time concentrating on drawing to help with my oil painting. I know it’s good practice but just never have focused on it. I found all the zoom sessions inspiring and informative - it was just the discipline and encouragement I needed. Tanya taught me how to really look and observe, and challenged me to draw and learn in ways I would not have done on my own. Also, drawing has proved so relaxing - I forget about work and everything else for a short while which has got to be good. As a real bonus, I have met an inspiring and enthusiastic group of new zoom drawing friends.


Alison, UK




The drawing lessons from Tanya were really nice, funny and sociable. I started this course to be more creative and to challenge myself. On my own it is hard to find the time and set myself to it. But in the weekly course with Tanya this was more than easy. During the course we worked on challenging exercises. Tanya was very clear and constructive in her comments. I learned a lot about using my sight (instead of my brains) during the drawing process, how to work with perspective and measuring. I find the process of creating very fulfilling and while drawing I tend to forget everything around me. I was really surprised about a few of the results. But importantly I learned to more enjoy the process instead of working for an end result.


We did a lot of different things during the course. And wouldn’t change a thing. Because of the available hours, I don’t think there is time to add more aspects. I really want to learn and do more, so, Tanya, we need another course adding this one. 😊


Marja, The Netherlands




I so enjoyed my 9 weeks with Tanya's Zoom drawing course. It was a suggestion from my sister who knows I loved to draw when I was a teenager. Now, 40 years on, I have re-lit the fire of the enjoyment of drawing! Thank you Tanya for clear, inspiring lessons which progressed through such helpful techniques. By the end, I had the confidence to combine different skills we had practiced to tackle a range of subjects; I want to do more! The  other students were fun and supportive and I enjoyed meeting women from other countries in the comfort of our own homes.


Liz, UK



I made fantastic progress during Tanya's drawing course. It was such a safe and encouraging environment to have a go. Tanya expertly taught technical skills whilst helping develop our own individual drawing styles. I've been left wanting more!


Ruth, UK




I really wasn't expecting to learn to draw!  But Tanya's clear instructions to 'draw what you see' and lots of encouragement and practice were brilliant and I've produced some drawings I'm really proud of.  And so relaxing!  An opportunity to give yourself some time out in a relaxed atmosphere.  Will definitely do more of Tanya's courses!


Lucy UK


Tanya's introduction to drawing on the right side of the brain was challenging, liberating and enjoyfull in equal measures. I learned new techniques and discovered that I love drawing with charcoal. I have recommended it to all my friends!


Renata, London

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