World Book Day - March 3rd 2016  - Barley Lane Primary School

I was one of the visiting author/illustrators on World Book Day. I spent time in each Nursery, Reception, Year 1 class showing how I created one of my characters called Moo D. Cow, and sharing wordless Moo D. Cow stories digitally, which resulted in some great conversations with the children around the subject of how we can be scared of something but when we take a little step it is often not as scary as we imagined.

We also read my rhyming book 'What Do You Like' which is fun and interactive, involving lots of rhythm and movement and then talking about our favourite things. I taught the Year 1 children to draw Moo D. Cow - they produced some beautiful pictures (see below)!
School mural commission - Barley Lane Primary School, Redbridge - Dec 2015

Here are 4 of 8 murals that span three classrooms, brightening up the playground and providing interactive and educational fun for the KS1 pupils. They were painted in collaboration with Rebecca Coles and they cover aspects of the Maths, English and Science curriculum as well as linking to read as a story from start to finish. Moo D. Cow and a few of my other characters play a cameo role!

If you are interested in Rebecca and I doing a mural in your school please contact me.