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"It's OK Mum but you need to get out more..."

“It’s OK Mum, but really you need to get out more and draw real life.” These were son’s words (age12) the other day in response to me proudly showing him a drawing I had spent some time on (from my head).

Initially the step of getting out my sketchbook ‘in public’ often feels a bit uncomfortable but I am reminded again why I love it so much - it is the connection with people.

Today was a lovely and inspiring day - meeting up with my friend Kate Prendegrast, visiting the ELCAF (East London Comic Arts Festival) being inspired by various artists (including Kate herself) and then the time spent drawing people on trains and in stations.

Everyone has a unique story. When I draw them I feel I get to know them a little bit. I am recording the beauty in the reality of everyday life. And there is nothing quite like real life to feel connected. The other thing that gives me a buzz is when this opens up conversations with people. Today I had sheepishly started drawing the people in the background (I don’t want to make people uncomfortable or get told off!) and gradually moved around to drawing the lady in the picture (close up on right) who was right in front of me. However it was worth taking the risk as then we got chatting and a few others in the carriage joined in. We found out things we had in common too as the lady told me she often writes when she is out and about.

My idea of fun!

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