'Learn To Draw' Classes on ZOOM in 2021
























Drawing from Observation


Would you like to learn how to draw but lack confidence? Or do you enjoy drawing and want to practise?

I can teach some principles which will help you.


Classes run over 9 weeks and take place in your own home over Zoom, along with other students.

The sessions are informal, friendly and therapeutic with the emphasis at first being more on process and principles than outcome.

All you need for most weeks is a pencil, paper and a computer for Zoom access.


The price for the 9 weeks is £90.

Please email me if you are interested - 

Here are some reviews from previous students (April - June 2020 course)...

Thanks so much for your “learning to draw” classes. 
They have been really interesting, nice to attend and surprisingly educational about how our brain works. 
It also given time to take our mind of of the isolated feeling during lockdown.

Tanya helped me see drawing from a new perspective by stripping back what I thought I knew and getting us to practice different exercises to use different areas of my brain. The new ways of thinking brought the fun and excitement back into drawing and sketching. I was suddenly seeing lines and patterns in everyday objects I didn’t know existed before, which showed how fixed my perspective was. Discussing ideas and difficulties in the group helped me realise that everyone struggles with the same things and Tanya helped to rewire my brain to look at things from a new angle to overcome those problems.

Tanya I have really enjoyed the classes and benefitted from them by doing something constructive. We were well guided through each week. Thank you. 

Tanya, have learnt lot of drawing skills in the weeks I have attended which will be very useful for me in the future so thanks a lot.

Bologna Children's Book Fair, Bologna, Italy - March 2015

The Cambridge School of Art stand at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. A great week showing our work and helping on the busy stand as well as a chance to see amazing talent from around the world.

MA Children's Book Illustration exhibition , Islington, London - Feb 2015

This was my space including 2 dummy books, a  Moo D. Cow sculpture, portfolio and sketchbooks to show how my mind works! (left)

The show (above) was a week long, open to the public with a private view for industry professionals one evening. Great fun and a celebration of our recent hard work.